Way, way, way too many ducks

donald duck


why teh female blue ducks are blue

Blue Ducks likely to die out in UK after male birds get together


Via buzzfeed: It’s slightly sad that this will ultimately mean the end of Blue Ducks in the UK, but it’s better that the last ducks be happy together instead of being forced into some loveless marriage.

Ducks has many secrets


A helpful tutorial in case your backyard is home to TOO MANY DUCKS

While conducting my highly scientific research (read: google searchin’) on my world-renowned platform of TOO MANY DUCKS, I found this absolutely fascinating duck site that seems bent on the fact that ducks are worth PRESERVING?!! Such delusion!

I am a big fan of their logo, though:





Anyone else that see that evil glint in the duck’s eye?

In one article, Ducks Unlimited touches upon a highly disturbing phenomenon.


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Is anyone else frightened by certain phrasing in this informational article? Such as “Soon, people all over the country will begin finding nesting birds” …!?!

Omg, guys.  They are taking over TEH WORLD!!!!!!




I am not entirely unsympathetic to the plight of ducks.



I think we’ve all been there.

(Pulled from one of my fav – but sadly now defunct – webcomics, animalshaveproblemstoo.com)

Duck overload has long been a problem in these United States. You want proof? Here. Have some proof.

Page 9 of the September 14, 1879 NEW YORK TIMES:


A cautionary tale



Scintillating, no? You can tell it’s going to be a real tear-jerker. To read the rest you must BUY TEH BOOK. 

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